Technology Licensing

Technology Licensing


Fluor has extensive experience assisting clients in evaluating and selecting process technology licensors. Fluor develops an appropriate evaluation plan and prepares and issues inquiry documents to the licensors based on the clients’ specific project requirements. Fluor understands confidentiality concerns of both the client and licensor and signs agreements with both parties to protect trade secrets.

Evaluation criteria vary depending on the scope of the project, but may include:

  • List of potential licensors of technology
  • Fit for use and compatibility with available feedstock
  • Availability of complimentary technologies
  • Licensor track record
  • Licensor relationships with Fluor and the client
  • Licensor presence in geographic area
  • Licensor’s fees
  • Licensor’s financial situation

After receipt of the qualifications of each company, Fluor uses a Kepner-Tregoe (KT) Analysis to evaluate the information from each technology licensor. Fluor then works with the client to select the licensor for the project. Once the contract is signed, Fluor and the client determine how the interface with the licensor is conducted.

Client Benefits

Fluor is a technology neutral company working with the industry's leading technology licensors. Fluor's neutral relationship with industry suppliers helps support clients' project needs. Benefits of Fluor's relationship with suppliers include:

  • Selection of the technology licensor is based on fair evaluation of technology licensor qualifications
  • Fluor can manage the performance of the technology licensor
  • Technology licensor schedule interfaces with project schedule to meet engineering deliverables
  • Licensor deliverables are defined early in the project