Subsea Separation and Processing - (SEPUMP

Subsea Separation and Processing - (SEPUMP, WAVy)


Fluor's expertise in subsea separation and processing includes subsea processing modular designs based on early subsea separators, slug catchers, and pumping systems that utilize a pipe-based separator design able to be used in deep water operations. By lowering gas and liquid velocities in the separator, foaming and liquid carry-over are reduced. This allows for a better handling of slugs. Once separated, liquid is pumped into the liquid pipeline and gas flows in a separate smaller volume gas line to production.

Fluor was recognized as a finalist in the 2016 World Oil Awards in the Best Production Technology Award category for its subsea separation and processing technology. Finalists were selected for their impact to and advancement of the upstream energy industry.

Client Benefits

Fluor offers clients subsea separation and processing - (SEPUMP, WAVy) solutions by way of:

  • Mitigating flow assurance issues that arise from multi-phase flow regimes,
  • Decreasing the backpressure of the subsea wellhead allowing for enhanced reservoir production,
  • Eliminating the need for topside treatment of produced water thereby freeing up space for additional tiebacks and processing equipment,
  • Better performance from the reservoir resulting in reduced production system costs.