Solar Capabilities

Solar Capabilities


Fluor designed and constructed the world’s first commercial-scale photovoltaic (PV) power plant, the world’s largest polysilicon production complex, and state of the art PV panel manufacturing facilities. Fluor works with numerous leading PV suppliers performing due diligence activities on panel suppliers, inverter suppliers, and other balance of systems (BoS) equipment. Engineering teams work with PV modeling software, such as PVsyst, and are capable of assisting clients with plant configurations and optimizations.

Client Benefits

Fluor’s expertise with daily cycling large power generation equipment and systems such as steam turbine generators, steam turbine bypass systems, heat transfer equipment and analyzing large piping systems is the foundation for the successful execution of solar projects. Fluor’s typical power projects are designed for daily cycling operation. Fluor designs and constructs these cyclic systems to allow the equipment to be quickly and reliably started while minimizing thermal stress on the system components. In addition to the quick and reliable start design, Fluor incorporates system features to minimize shut down auxiliary loads. The bottoming cycle equipment for concentrating solar power (CSP) projects is typical of essentially every one of the many combined cycle and thermal fossil power plants that Fluor has executed in the past on an EPC basis.

Fluor has developed an integrated equipment sizing tool to support timely, accurate and cost-effective cost estimates for CSP projects. Output data from simulation programs that model the solar field and power block steam/condensate cycle provide the basis for input to the equipment sizing tool. It enables rapid development of basic engineering documents, including equipment list, equipment data sheets, auxiliary load list and major pipe sizing summary along with other design deliverables. Fluor provides clients in the solar industry with cost effective solutions to power generation.