Processing Facility Configuration

Processing Facility Configuration


Fluor's clients often plan capital projects that are located in areas that offer economic advantages, including feedstock availability, cost, location, by products, etc. The selection of a processing facility configuration is performed by experienced engineers and finance specialists using linear program (LP) modeling techniques based on economic drivers (margin and capital) with the inclusion of a simplified financial model built into the LP.

The use of modern LP modeling systems with the inclusion of capital costs can provide a more balanced and less biased view of the process technology configuration selection. This technique does not eliminate the need for sound engineering judgment nor the role of subject matter experts. These are needed when the optimal configuration is converted to a practical solution with all the elements not considered in the LP model.

Client Benefits

Fluor’s processing facility configuration experts offer clients:

  • Unbiased views of the facility based on economics,
  • Estimates of facility total installed cost (TIC) and
  • Cost-driven selection of the process technologies used in the configuration.