Plant Betterment

Plant Betterment


Fluor's plant betterment offerings include studies and projects for improving the operation, maintenance and environmental emissions of existing power plants.

These extensive activities include:

  • Plant life extension studies used to determine if cycle efficiency improvements, modifications or upgrades are cost-effective
  • Power equipment inspections/condition assessments
  • Fuel changes, such as coal to natural gas, biomass or waste combustion
  • Power plant repowering studies
  • Studies for the impact of adding environmental equipment
  • Carbon capture retrofit studies
  • Conversion of bottom ash handling
  • Cooling tower addition or modification
  • Operations and maintenance

Client Benefits

Fluor is keenly aware of the many drivers that influence power plant owners in making difficult decisions dealing with large capital expenditures. Whether the driver is environmental compliance, performance retrofit or modification improvement to generate additional savings, Fluor provides high-value assistance in identifying appropriate recommendations and solutions. To meet clients' specific needs, Fluor offers a full range of services from conceptual studies and financing to full turnkey rebuild and major component additions.

Fluor's plant betterment approach focuses on establishing long-term relationships and bringing value to clients' operations. Fluor's success is due to the strong qualifications, experience and business acumen of our team, thus providing maximum flexibility to address clients' business needs.

Related Technologies


Fluor’s expertise in thermodynamics stems from the properties and process modeling that provides qualitative solutions to technical issues. Properties and process modeling comprises a physical properties analysis, property packages and complex process model development, and process and plant design application. Fluor’s expertise in thermodynamics typically falls into the following categories:

  • Pre-Feed Consultation and Analysis: After reviewing the pre-FEED process, properties and process modeling experts provide Fluor technology experts the qualitative solutions for the technical bottleneck and the scope of professional service and data requirements for the quantitative solution.
  • FEED Data Analysis and Design: Properties and process modeling experts contribute to the development of detailed simulations for complex processes.
  • Development of Data Packages: Essential validated data packages provide reliable models for Fluor experts. These packages are critical resources for Fluor as they can be used for a variety of project process designs.
  • Modeling of Complex Systems: Many process technologies require accurate modeling of complex phase behavior, reaction kinetics, and mass transfer. The special skills and experience of the properties and process modeling experts are important to the success of these projects, proprietary technology development, and scale-up programs.