Claus Oxygen Enrichment Technology - COPE®

Claus Oxygen Enrichment Technology - COPE®


The Claus Oxygen Enrichment of sulfur recovery units (SRU) is a popular, economic, reliable, and safe method for addressing the dual needs of providing additional sulfur removal capacity while conserving capital for more profitable operations. Implementation of oxygen enrichment is the most economic route for incremental SRU capacities. For grassroots facilities, oxygen enrichment can effectively reduce equipment sizes and thus provide significant savings on capital investments and operation costs.

Fluor offers three distinct SRU oxygen enrichment technologies designed for the level of capacity increase desired. These technologies, ranging from low-level to medium-level to our patented high-level COPE® process, provide capacity increases from 10% to 100% or more.

Client Benefits

The advantages of Fluor's proprietary Claus Oxygen Enrichment technology solutions include:

  • Reduce equipment size in grassroots facilities
  • Incremental capacity increase for revamps
  • Provide spare capacity to mitigate plant shutdown
  • Short implementation schedule for revamps
  • Improved logistics of equipment transportation and procurement for mega size facilities
  • Compact footprint
  • Ensure plant operational flexibility and operability
  • Enhance sulfur recovery efficiency and contaminant destruction
  • Relieve tight pressure profile