Onshore Pipeline Analysis

Onshore Pipeline Analysis


Fluor brings experience in virtually all types, sizes, and complexities of pipeline and facilities development. Fluor’s performance covers over 200,000 miles of pipelines in climates that range from deserts to rain forests and sweltering tropics to the frozen arctic. The terrain traversed by these pipelines includes swamplands, mountains, oceans, rivers, and congested urban areas.

Analysis capability includes complex buried pipe-soil interaction analysis, HPHT design, crossings design, upheaval buckling mitigation, expansion and anchoring solutions, and flotation and sinkage.

Client Benefits

Fluor is among the few companies with a proven track record of providing total program solutions for small to large-diameter, complex, high-pressure and politically- and logistically-challenging pipeline projects worldwide. Fluor's diverse technical expertise and ability to leverage and manage global resources contribute to successful projects. Fluor plans the execution of these projects in detail, from front-end engineering to installation, start-up and initial operation.

A broad-based staff of experienced professionals is available for pipeline and production facilities planning, management and construction. These professionals have earned a reputation for innovation, personal attention to detail, unmatched reliability, efficiency and safety. Fluor's reputation for consistently meeting Client requirements comes from experience working in more than one hundred countries on six continents.