Offshore Flowline and Pipeline Design

Offshore Flowline and Pipeline Design


Fluor has experience analyzing and designing clients' offshore pipeline requirements. Offshore flowline and pipeline designs first require the proper understanding of the production yields and fluid types to be transported. Once done, elements of flow assurance can predict the phase behavior of the fluid properties while flowing, and this will help to determine the proper required material types and specifications applicable to safely handle transport of fluids in the flowlines. After performing the material specifications and sizing, estimating and designing the flowlines and pipelines is completed. Finally specific routes, connections, and the installation and operational start-up requirements to successfully implement the technology in production facilities are identified.

Client Benefits

Fluor has extensive experience in flowline and pipeline design which brings integrity to the challenging effort. Fluor provides the proper software tools and experienced staff to assure successful designs for clients. Fluor's design expertise includes:

  • Shallow to ultra-deep water designs
  • Configurations of pipe-in-pipe, bundles
  • Heated pipelines
  • Wet insulated and single pipelines
  • Short tiebacks to long step-outs
  • Complicated subsea architecture and export pipelines
  • Upheaval and lateral buckling analysis
  • Considerations for vortex induced vibrations
  • Installation analyses