NGL Fractionation

NGL Fractionation


NGL fractionation occurs when natural gas liquids are separated from a natural gas stream into their various fractions. Fluor analyzes existing operations to diagnose problems and bottlenecks and devise trouble-free solutions. Fluor's tailored solutions can incorporate Fluor's proprietary fractionation technology with properly defined internals and design. Fluor can also review and debottleneck other column internals such as chimney trays, distributors, feed spargers, tray transitions, and reboiler returns.

Client Benefits

For more than 100 years, Fluor has been at the forefront of distillation technology known as fractionation. Fluor offers clients field testing techniques to diagnose operating problems and evaluate existing operations. Along with analyzing the problem Fluor works with clients and vendors to select the solution that meets performance requirements.

Fluor's expertise helps resolve problems in clients' facilities, offers low capital cost to trouble-free debottlenecking, reduces risks to customers and Fluor in achieving performance requirements, develops a low-cost solution, and is reinforced by Fluor's design and troubleshooting experts to ensure client satisfaction.