Modular Lifting System

Modular Lifting System


The field implementation of Fluor's innovative modular execution approach is increasing construction demand for handling large modules. To set fabricated modules more efficiently, Modular Lifting System (MLS) technology was co-developed with ALE Roll-Lift in Canada to optimize module rigging, installation and sets, reducing higher-risk work for craft worker safety.

Client Benefits

Modular Lifting System technology offers both increased productivity and safety benefits for clients.

Advantages of the MLS approach include:

  • Eliminated need for RT or assist cranes
  • Greater efficiency setting modules, accommodating 2-3 modules in the traditional period to set one
  • Module adjustment on light slings and the slide, lowering the physical weight required to move
  • Quick adjustment to modular dimensions and pick point
  • Reduced safety risks for craft workers

MLS sets fabricated modules more efficiently, reducing time, cost and craft workers’ exposure to handling heavy weight slings and shackles.