Modular Lifting System

Modular Lifting System


The field implementation of Fluor’s 3rd Gen Modular Execution℠ technology is increasing construction demand for handling large modules. To set fabricated modules more efficiently, Modular Lifting System (MLS) technology was co-developed with ALE Roll-Lift in Canada to optimize module rigging, installation and sets, reducing higher-risk work for craft worker safety.

Client Benefits

Modular Lifting System technology offers both increased productivity and safety benefits for clients.

Advantages of the MLS approach include:

  • Eliminated need for RT or assist cranes
  • Greater efficiency setting modules, accommodating 2-3 modules in the traditional period to set one
  • Module adjustment on light slings and the slide, lowering the physical weight required to move
  • Quick adjustment to modular dimensions and pick point
  • Reduced safety risks for craft workers

MLS sets fabricated modules more efficiently, reducing time, cost and craft workers’ exposure to handling heavy weight slings and shackles.