Preassembly Solutions for the Mining Industry

Preassembly Solutions for the Mining Industry


Preassembly yards can yield numerous advantages over performing construction solely at the mine site. Whether building new mine operations or expanding and improving existing mines, Fluor's preassembly solutions help clients lower risk and improve capital efficiency and schedule certainty.

Typical offsite preassembly options for mining clients include:

  • Process modules
  • Pipe rack modules
  • Preassembled conveyor modules
  • Preassembled steel structures

Fluor offers a range of preassembly options, including both self-perform preassembly yards and access to independently operated yards worldwide. The optimal preassembly site is identified by weighing criteria such as capacity, labor availability, cost and productivity, proximity to project site, tax status, safety performance, and vessel access, among other factors.

Effective modularization enhances preassembly's benefits. Fluor's extensive modular project experience and comprehensive knowledge of the engineering, procurement, preassembly, construction, and project management process result in preassembly and construction strategies optimized for cost and schedule benefits. With modularization and preassembly options unique to each project, Fluor works closely with clients to develop the best project execution strategy to fit each client's specific needs.

Client Benefits

Fluor's preassembly capabilities offer clients a safer, controlled construction environment independent of weather constraints, the ability to perform offsite preassembly in parallel with ground level construction to optimize the schedule, and the opportunity to mitigate construction risks on mining projects.

The use of preassembly on recent mining industry projects has resulted in a more productive work environment for experienced craft workers, reduced the field workforce and related remote location impacts to workers, limited the dependency on challenging site locations and conditions, and mitigated onsite HSE factors.

The advantages of offsite preassembly include:

  • Early preassembly design to improve constructability
  • Modularization-specific designs
  • Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support offsite preassembly
  • Advanced sourcing methods
  • Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume
  • Supply chain / Logistics / Expediting
  • Quality control / Quality assurance

Clients choose offsite preassembly to help achieve significant time and cost savings, support fast-track project schedules and reduce risks such as adverse environmental conditions and labor shortages.