MasterPlant® Life-Cycle Solutions include integrated proprietary and commercial software, industry recognized global expertise, and Fluor's integrated work processes that help project teams design, build and maintain world-class facilities. This integrated focus on employee expertise, global knowledge, work processes, and automation systems creates a distinct Fluor value.

Client Benefits

Fluor’s MasterPlant suite includes advanced process system analysis tools that allow Fluor to provide customers with the essential information to make the best decisions about their process systems during the early phase of their projects. These include applications for dynamic simulation, discrete event simulation, probabilistic availability and reliability modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). When unique challenges arise, these tools allow Fluor to minimize the client's risk by validating and optimizing new designs or troubleshooting solutions for existing facilities.

In the earliest project phases, Fluor’s experienced engineers use the process simulator tools in the MasterPlant suite to evaluate and validate process designs and to develop the information clients need to make the critical decisions that move a project forward. In later project phases, the process simulator tools provide the basic material and energy balance data needed for reliable design of mechanical equipment and for the rigorous, detailed design of the facility. During operation, Fluor uses process simulator tools to evaluate and optimize the client's facility’s performance, or to troubleshoot solutions for operating problems.

Whether your process is continuous or batch, Fluor effectively uses process simulator tools to provide you with dependable process design – basic to advanced – to improve the short- and long-term success of your facility.