D'GAASS® - Liquid Sulfur Degassing Technology

D'GAASS® - Liquid Sulfur Degassing Technology


The compact, simple D'GAASS process removes H2S and H2Sx from the liquid sulfur product produced from Claus sulfur recovery units, while greatly reducing odors and hazards associated with liquid sulfur. The D'GAASS units may be supplied as shop fabricated modular units, providing an opportunity for additional cost savings as compared to standard field installation.

The D’GAASS process removes residual H2S and H2Sx from liquid sulfur produced in a Claus plant. The residual H2S content is typically over 300 ppmw, rendering it dangerous for storage, loading, and transport. This process, which provides better sulfur quality without the use of catalysts or chemicals, was developed, patented, and commercialized in 1996 and has since been licensed in over 80 units worldwide with total capacity of over 40,000 LTPD sulfur.

Client Benefits

The benefits of Fluor's Liquid Sulfur Degassing Technology include:

  • Ease of retrofit to an existing SRU
  • Low capital investment
  • Reliable, simple operation and low maintenance
  • Low air requirement and operating cost
  • No continuous catalyst or chemical use
  • Very small footprint for installation at any location between the sulfur pit and loading/forming
  • Pressurized sulfur product stream permits easy routing to storage, forming or loading
  • Pressurized overhead vapor stream may be routed to the SRU thermal stage or TGU burner resulting in no additional emissions
  • Better sulfur quality compared to degassing processes that use catalysts
  • Ability to degas to levels less than 10 ppmw H2S