Fabrication Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Fabrication Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries


Fluor is a pioneer in providing fabrication and modular construction solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech clients. These solutions help clients maximize their project schedule to commercialize and move product to market.

Fluor’s fabrication and modular construction solutions help improve the client’s project goals starting up new plant operations or minimizing the production capacity lost to brownfield construction execution. Fluor’s self-perform fabrication and modular construction yards optimize project completion through reducing the field labor workforce, less exposure to workforce shortages, less dependency on field site conditions, improved quality and safety in controlled work conditions, and more extensive testing at the fabricator shop thereby reducing start-up and validation at the project site.

Typical offsite fabrication options for pharmaceutical and biotech clients include:

  • Process Modules
  • Pipe Rack Modules
  • High Purity Modules
  • Modularized Buildings
  • Power / Utility Modules
  • Enhanced Vendor Preassemblies

Client Benefits

Offsite fabrication offers advantages to achieve significant time and cost savings, support fast-track project schedules and reduce risks such as adverse weather conditions and labor shortages. Fabrication advantages include:

  • Early fabrication design to improve constructability
  • Modularization-specific designs
  • Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support offsite fabrication
  • Advanced sourcing methods
  • Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume
  • Supply chain / Logistics / Expediting
  • Quality control / Quality assurance