The InVision tool in Fluor’s MasterPlant® suite of automation tools can provide the entire project team with in-progress, real-time visualization of a facility in order to improve total project planning and communication, optimize material management and construction execution, and reduce costs. InVision runs on Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Review™ model viewer.

InVision can be used to monitor material delivery, project completion, quality control and project turnover by using 3D models developed by Intergraph’s 3D modeling tools. InVision links engineering, procurement, project management and construction data to the 3D project models, allowing queries to be created and displayed in real time by coloring model objects that meet the query requirements. For example, InVision can be used to color model objects that are received on site in green and model objects that are 100% hydrotested in blue.

Client Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Search the model or external Fluor database for information and highlight this information within the model
  • Search the model based on model label data
  • Determine status of piping or equipment data using the external MaterialManager®
  • Find the current construction status using data from within the MileMarker database
  • Find items in the model that are part of a certain system or sub-system based on data from MCPLUS℠.
  • Find items that passed mechanical completion or have already been turned over to our clients (TCCC)
  • Find NDE status of welds in the model by test package or isometric
  • Status items from virtually any database, spreadsheet, or comma-delimited text file
  • Isolate construction work areas, turnover systems, sub-systems, etc. to make a smaller base query set within the model to run subsequent InVision queries
  • Create unlimited query sets using one or more InVision query tools to achieve multi-color 3D representations of query data
  • Isolate line systems, etc. to help field find erection issues and make erection plans ahead of time for craft personnel
  • Better plan and create construction work packages
  • Save time building display sets for use with InSequence℠
  • Export data from any query to an external Microsoft Access database