InSequence is Fluor’s construction automation work process, which delivers construction-focused execution planning for critical project work sequencing and resource availability through 4D construction simulation. Using preliminary 3D models and summary schedules developed during front-end design, 4D simulation models are created in as little as a day. This allows the project team to review visually construction activity sequencing in single steps (by day, week or month) or continuously.

Basically, this is achieved by importing data from project planning software (P6, and MS Project®) into SmartPlant® Review (SPR), then associating display sets that have been created to specifically match the activity description within the project schedule. Then Intergraph’s ScheduleReview is utilized to provide playback within SPR. The role of InSequence is further expanded by crane placement, scaffold placement and combining, which can be viewed by anyone, anywhere with the click of a button.

Utilizing InSequence enhances the work processes during the proposal, early project planning, detailed engineering and construction phases of an EPC project. By doing so, productivity on Fluor's Construction projects is improved.

Client Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Visualize sequence of demolition
  • Analyze construction sequence
  • Visualize the construction of specific units in the context of the overall project schedule early in the construction phase, when engineering is not complete
  • Compare scheduled completion with actual level of completion (using MileMarker, progress reporting tool) and prints of the 3D model. Elements behind schedule can be identified and correction plans developed
  • Queries can be created to visualize data in any column of the project schedule as well as items such as those included in the critical path
  • Display rigging sequencing
  • Visualize cranes “lifting” modules and moving them into place, which is particularly helpful on highly modularized projects