Fabrication Solutions for the Infrastructure Industry

Fabrication Solutions for the Infrastructure Industry


Fluor’s fabrication solutions allow clients to retain a high level of flexibility in completing project schedules and meeting project costs. Fluor incorporates the fabrication and modular construction strategy during the conceptual design phase of a project.

Fluor’s self-perform fabrication yards are then able to concurrently fabricate, install, and test offsite while constructing onsite. This strategy helps improve construction results in extreme or remote locations and when there is a shortage of craft workers. Fluor seamlessly links fabrication and construction with Fluor’s quality assurance and safety culture to meet clients’ needs. Typical offsite fabrication options for infrastructure clients include:

  • Box Towers
  • Bridge Decks / Girders
  • Marine Terminals & Decks
  • Piers
  • Power / Utility Modules

Client Benefits

Offsite fabrication offers advantages to help achieve significant time and cost savings, support fast-track project schedules and reduce risks such as adverse weather conditions and labor shortages. Fabrication advantages include:

  • Early fabrication design to improve constructability
  • Modularization-specific designs
  • Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support offsite fabrication
  • Advanced sourcing methods
  • Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume
  • Supply chain / Logistics / Expediting
  • Quality control / Quality assurance