Hydrogen Supply and Systems Optimization

Hydrogen Supply and Systems Optimization


Fluor uses multiple routes to address the needs of the hydrogen market. Fluor's patented process for hydrogen recovery provides a cost effective method for recovery, reduces the cost of recovery with simultaneous by-product LPG recovery and utilizes a compact skid-mounted system. Fluor also has experience in "trigen" projects, an environmentally friendly process with tight control on NOx and SOx emissions, that concurrently produce hydrogen, power, and steam by gasification of either residue or petroleum coke. Lastly, Fluor uses the steam reforming of light hydrocarbons to meet the requirements of a specific site.

Client Benefits

Fluor can offer clients a "complete hydrogen solution" that includes:

  • Hydrogen management studies,
  • Hydrogen plant revamp studies,
  • Steam reforming technology,
  • Gasification technology,
  • Hydrogen recovery from fuel/waste streams and
  • Recovery of valuable LPG.