Fugitive Sulfur Emission Treating

Fugitive Sulfur Emission Treating


Fluor offers various cost effective, safe, and reliable solutions for clients to mitigate any fugitive sulfur emissions from facilities such as liquid sulfur storage, handling, sulfur pit, etc. in order to meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Fluor provides an extensive library of fugitive sulfur emission treating technologies to accommodate the needs from any applications as follows:

  • Thermal / catalytic incineration
  • Routing the various vent gases to the thermal section of the Claus unit
  • Routing the various vent gases to the hydrogenation section of the tail gas treating unit
  • Caustic scrubbing

Client Benefits

Vent gases from liquid sulfur storage and handling units such as sulfur pits, sulfur storage tanks and truck loading racks contain not only elemental sulfur vapor but H2S as well. In the past gases from these types of units were vented directly to the atmosphere. In order to adhere to the more stringent sulfur emission regulations, it is necessary to dispose of the sulfur species in these vent gases in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner; and in the most severe cases, it will be necessary to recover the sulfur from these streams. Fluor has an extensive library of technology know how and processes for sulfur vent gas treatment to ensure safe, cost effective and reliable operations.