Zero Base Execution℠

Zero Base Execution℠


Fluor’s Zero Base Execution℠ (ZBE℠) process combines elements of our project execution toolkit to align with client business drivers and build a zero base design that meets those drivers without excess. It creates the most capital-efficient execution possible, where the output meets the project’s requirements and the resulting design is safe, legal and operable.

Typically projects reuse past designs and try to value engineer the cost down. This delivers marginal results.

ZBE takes a clean slate approach, first establishing the project’s business drivers and minimum requirements to align the design and execution premise with the project goals. Recognizing capital efficiency requirements, there is a clear and deliberate addition of any cost and scope, with items only added if they improve the business case.

The four components of ZBE are minimum kit, reduced quantities, low cost sourcing and better build. These components are aligned with Fluor’s integrated solutions approach and are part of our ability to deliver value for our clients.

Client Benefits

The goal of ZBE is to deliver the most capital-efficient facility design and execution approach, resulting in cost savings and benefits like a reduced project footprint and elimination of unnecessary components.

After development of the ZBE design, if additional capital is available, then upgrades are evaluated as value-enhancing opportunities if they can improve project’s rate of return.

Benefits to this approach include:

  • Development of the most capital-efficient solution possible, with safety and operability as the foundation.
  • All stakeholders have an inherent ownership in, and familiarity with, the design base.
  • Any requirements above the minimum ZBE are vetted on a cost-benefit basis and therefore improve the project, rather than impair its viability.
  • There is a transparent and deliberate addition of cost/scope, recognizing the impact on capital intensity.