Fluor SOx Technology℠

Fluor SOx Technology℠


The patented Fluor SOx Clean-up Process focuses on SO2 in various applications such as smelter and other flue gases. Most of these processes are still in the near-commercialized stages and are exploring application opportunities in the Claus tail gas treating environment. SO2 associated corrosion issues usually make the clean-up process capital intensive. Fluor's SOx Clean-up process is able remove nearly all SO2 without associated SO2 corrosion issues while simultaneously reducing the CO emission level.

The Fluor SOx Clean-up process was developed to reduce sulfur emissions from gas streams containing oxygen and sulfur oxides. It is an extension of the well-known Claus tail gas treating process. All the processing steps and equipment in the Fluor SOx Clean-up Process are proven in typical Claus sulfur recovery units and tail gas treating units. The processing capabilities of this equipment is well understood and proven in many operating plants worldwide.

Client Benefits

The Fluor SOx Clean-up Process represents flexible and economical methods for SO2 removal. Achievable sulfur recovery efficiency ranges from 90 to 99.99 percent. It is well-suited to handle variations in feed gas composition. There are only small impacts on OPEX for significant swings in SO2 content. Moreover, none of the Fluor SOx Clean-up Processes generate any undesirable byproducts and there are no SO3 associated corrosion issues. Successful operation of major components of these processes has been demonstrated in many commercially operating units. Unlike other competing technologies, all of the Fluor SOx Clean-up processes are capable of handling feed gases containing SO2, O2 and SO3.