Propane and Ethane Recovery Processes

Propane and Ethane Recovery Processes


Fluor’s patented propane and ethane recovery technologies are turbo-expander based processes configured to recover propane and ethane contents from a variety of feed gases. Fluor's propane recovery process can economically recover 99.9% propane in the feed gas, providing a lean gas that can be used for sales or for LNG production while the company's ethane recovery process can recover over 95% of the ethane content and can be switched between ethane to propane recovery mode while maintaining high recoveries and efficiencies. The processes are suitable for grass root facilities, but can also be used in retrofitting existing plants for higher efficiency. The process can handle feed gases with variable amounts of nitrogen while maintaining the recovery efficiencies. Fluor has designed more than 80 turbo-expander plants since 1990 with single train capacities as high as 1500 MMscfd.

Client Benefits

Clients come to Fluor looking for solutions to optimize propane and ethane recovery. Fluor offers Clients:

  • Various patented configurations for customizing plant feed gases and conditions,
  • Flexible operation and energy efficiency,
  • Innovative designs based on proven plant operations,
  • Patented designs lower capital and operating costs than competing costs,
  • Modularized Equipment, saving in installation costs and
  • Optimized project schedules for plant operations and production.