OptimEyes identifies the most advantageous plant layout and provides a 3D image of the plant design, including walkthrough capability.

Using OptimEyes during the early stages of a project provides:

  • Scenarios for early analysis of factors that affect plant design and life cycle costs, such as equipment layout, material cost, environmental requirements, constructability, operations, maintenance, and safety
  • The flexibility to quickly create and analyze “what if?” plant layout scenarios that can increase project productivity, improve schedule, raise quality, and reduce costs
  • The ability to interface with 3D computer aided design (3D CAD)
  • The ability to interface with Engineering Analysis Programs
  • The ability to minimize or eliminate time-consuming design rework
  • More accurate project estimating
  • The possibility of an earlier design freeze
  • The opportunity for earlier multidimensional design activities
  • A seamless transition into detailed design

Client Benefits

When OptimEyes is used in the early stages of a project, a cost-effective, optimal plant design can be designed to meet Client project goals. OptimEyes can provide material quantity downloads to support FEED estimates.

Related Technologies

QuickPlant is a Fluor proprietary tool that enables project teams to use P&ID's, process simulators and other data sources to rapidly create preliminary OptimEyes models. With QuickPlant engineers can build an OptimEyes model in about half the time that it would take using OptimEyes alone.