MaterialManager allows Fluor to integrate all procurement and material management functions into one seamless system that supports providing the right material, at the right time, to the right place throughout the project life cycle.

MaterialManager enables total control of project materials, from identification and procurement to tracking, transportation, warehousing, and installation. Construction schedules can be efficiently modified based on material-availability information from MaterialManager.

Client Benefits

Fluor's experience using this powerful tool helps customers to reduce project costs and overall project schedule. MaterialManager's key features are:

  • Facilitates optimal material planning across the project, increasing timely material availability for construction execution
  • Provides a single point of data entry for multiple disciplines and minimizes data duplication
  • Accommodates multiple currencies
  • Supports global work sharing
  • Supports all material management activities, including shop fabrication, multiple contractors, home office front-end loading, field planning and multiple warehouses
  • Supports all material types, including bulks, tagged equipment, assemblies, piping and structural steel fabrication mark pieces and spares
  • Consolidates purchase commitments and maximizes potential savings through volume buying
  • Optimizes construction execution and facility turnover
  • Internet accessible and scalable for use on small and large projects