LNG Process

LNG Process


Throughout Fluor's 70 years of participation in LNG projects, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of patented technologies that are applicable to LNG design. Fluor's proprietary technologies for feed gas treatment, NGL recoveries, and NGL fractionation can be integrated with import, export or customized to offshore terminals. The import terminals are optimized for various operations, from LNG unloading to holding operation, and the sendout and vapor recovery system can operate seamlessly under high turndown conditions. Fluor's LNG cold utilization technologies can be integrated with import terminals for power generation or fractionation for heating value control on NGL separation.

Client Benefits

Fluor's cornerstone experience in the LNG market, portfolio of patented LNG Processes and integration of innovative technology promotes Client's interest in a variety of aspects in the LNG market. Fluor's technology solutions help maintain Client timelines and budgets to optimize specific project requirements.

Related Technologies

Configurations and Methods for Thermal Integration of LNG Regasification and Power Plants:
The Fluor power cycle produces power without fuel consumption using LNG as the heat sink. LNG can be vaporized without the use of external heat. Such integration improves the economics of the power plant and the LNG regasification terminal.

LNG Vapor Handling Configurations and Methods:
This scheme reduces the boiloff generation during LNG loading, and subsequently the boiloff vapor compression requirement.

Configurations and Methods for Offshore LNG Regasification and BTU Control:
This method is applicable for offshore terminals. The process partially heats the LNG, allowing residual cold to be used for fractionating the heavy components from LNG to meet the pipeline gas heating value requirement. The energy consumption for this process is very low as the cold energy in LNG is used in the fractionation process.

Power Cycle with Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification:
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) or components thereof are used as working fluids in power generation cycles in a LNG regasification plant. Power can be economically produced without the use of fuel. The power can be exported or used internally that improves the economics of an LNG terminal.

Configurations and Methods for Power Generation with Integrated LNG Regasification:
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) cold is used in a plurality of cycles in a combined power plant to increase power output. This closed loop power cycle uses natural gas as the working fluid for power generation. This power can be efficiently and economically produced and exported to improve the cost efficiency of an LNG terminal.