Knowledge OnLine℠ - Knowledge Sharing Tool

Knowledge OnLine℠ - Knowledge Sharing Tool


Fluor's award-winning knowledge management system, Knowledge OnLine, enables employees throughout Fluor's worldwide offices to access corporate information and contribute solutions and expertise. This tool promotes collaboration and provides a systematic way to capture, share, and reuse the company's knowledge to solve the most complex project challenges. Knowledge OnLine is organized into communities based on disciplines and functions allowing distribution of work without moving people around. Fluor's knowledge management technology platform is positioned as the delivery mechanism for all practices and procedures, training material, collaboration, and expertise.

Client Benefits

The power of Fluor's people sharing knowledge, their ability to access global expertise and Fluor’s integrated work processes enhances the quality, safety and productivity of clients' projects. Fluor’s systematic way of capturing, sharing and expanding knowledge across the company saves projects time and money. Knowledge management enables Fluor to continuously improve work processes and gives all employees access to technical experts around the globe that can provide real-time solutions to complex project problems.

As knowledge management at Fluor continues to increase in value, Fluor's ability to provide clients innovative solutions to project and business challenges is proven daily. Many of these knowledge management success stories are available to help demonstrate the value knowledge management brings to clients.