Distillation is a key separation technology used in chemical plants and refineries. Fluor's industry expertise is used to test new techniques in the field, evaluate existing operations and diagnose potential operating problems. Fluor's distillation design is reinforced by selecting correct vendor-offered tray internals, checking vendor capacity and separation calculations, identifying bottlenecking, and subsequently devising trouble free solutions to debottleneck column internals.

Client Benefits

Fluor's experts work with clients to help resolve problems at their facilities, offering low-capital cost to trouble-free debottlenecking, reducing risks in achieving performance requirements, developing a low-cost solution with support by Fluor's design and troubleshooting experts to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Fluor’s ability to cost-effectively analyze and develop debottlenecking strategies, is highlighted with a recent case study of an entire gas plant, limited by a deethanizer reboiler circuit, that was successfully debottlenecked with no hard changes.

Learn more at Kister, Henry “Reboiler Circuit Debottleneck with No Hardware Changes”, Chemical Engineering Aug. 2017.