Fluor EconoSolv℠ Process

Fluor EconoSolv℠ Process


The Fluor EconoSolv Process is based on Fluor's solvent data on DEPG (dimethyl ether of polyethylene glycol) using an in-house simulator for modeling the process. DEPG is a physical solvent process for both the selective removal of H2S and for the bulk removal of CO2. The EconoSolv Process can provide a significant reduction in energy consumption at high feed gas pressures in comparison to conventional amine processes.

When used in gasification projects the Fluor EconoSolv design can be used to meet 95% carbon capture target, while producing an acid gas with greater than 60% H2S content to the Sulfur plant.

When used with the Fluor Sulfur plant patents the EconoSolv process can recover greater than 99.5% Sulfur.

Client Benefits

Fluor's EconoSolv Process is particularly of interest for clients' gasification projects where the synthesis gas pressure is greater than 400psig. Fluor's patented technology and improvements make EconoSolv competitive with the current market, boost energy efficiency and help reduce the client's costs by eliminating the need for extra costly tail gas treating units.