Econamine FG Plus℠

Econamine FG Plus℠


Fluor Econamine FG Plus℠ (EFG+) is a Fluor proprietary, amine-based technology for large-scale, post-combustion CO2 capture. The technology is used to remove CO2 from flue gases produced by the combustion of coal or natural gas. The process uses a concentrated solvent formulation that is designed to reduce energy consumption, emissions and solvent circulation rates.

Typical Econamine FG Plus Process

Client Benefits

The Fluor Econamine FG Plus technology benefits clients interested in power, refining and chemical applications. Fluor’s solvent formulation and advanced reclaiming techniques allow the technology to work in an environment where most other processes would fail, such as on boiler and reformer stack gas and gas-turbine flue-gas streams. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, Fluor Econamine FG Plus can provide CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, fertilizer production, the food and beverage industry, or chemicals production. The process uses cost-effective, readily available materials.

Benefits of the Econamine FG Plus Process

  • Advanced Solvent Formulation - Higher solvent CO2 carrying capacity, higher absorption role, lower capital cost, and lower energy demand
  • Absorber Intercooling - Overall increased reaction rates, higher solvent CO2 carrying capacity, lower capital costs, and lower energy demand
  • High Efficiency Reclaiming - Lower solvent losses; reduction of reclaimer waste production and lower handling and disposal costs
  • Large Diameter Column Design - Ability to reduce the number of absorption trains required, thereby lowering capital costs
  • Lean Vapor Compressor - Lower energy demand by 10 to 12%
  • Heat Recovery and Integration - Lower energy demand and reduced utilities consumption

Plot Space Minimization

Large-scale CO2 sequestration projects require multiple CO2 absorption trains. Strategies to minimize the footprints of Econamine FG Plus plants include:

  • Large diameter absorber design
    For large-scale CO2 capture applications, Fluor has developed absorber designs with diameters of up to 60 feet to minimize the number of absorption trains.
  • Plate and frame exchanger train minimization
    Fluor has pioneered the use of plate exchangers for thermal efficiency and plot size minimization.
  • Reboiler shell count minimization
    For large-scale applications, Fluor has developed a unique reboiler design to minimize the number of shells, reducing the plot space and simplifying design and operating complexity.

Environmental Signature

The Econamine FG Plus process produces two types of emissions/effluents:

  • Absorber stack emission
    Typically, the absorber stack emission is essentially the same as the source stack except for the absorbed CO2, SOx and a portion of the NOx. Also, a trace quantity of solvent is emitted from the absorber and a small amount of ammonia is formed by the oxidation of solvent. Fluor has aggressively pursued strategies for minimizing ammonia formation and reducing the solvent loss in the vent by washing the treated flue gas in advanced column internals. Fluor has developed several low pressure drop scrubbing systems to lower the solvent emissions to very low levels.
  • Reclaimer wastewater
    Fluor's advanced reclaiming technology significantly reduces reclaimer waste.

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