Econamine FG Plus℠

Econamine FG Plus℠


The Econamine FG Plus technology uses a concentrated solvent formulation designed to reduce heat requirements and circulation rates to capture post-combustion CO2 from large single-point emission sources. Econamine FG Plus is a commercially validated solution proven on gas turbine exhaust and piloted on coal. Some of the improvements that differentiate the Econamine FG Plus technology by lowering capital costs and energy demands include:

  • Advanced solvent formation,
  • Absorber intercooling,
  • High efficiency reclaiming,
  • Large diameter column design,
  • Lean vapor compressor and
  • Heat recovery and integration.

Client Benefits

Econamine FG Plus technology benefits Clients interested in power, refining and chemical applications. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, Econamine FG Plus can provide CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, fertilizer production, the food and beverage industry, or chemicals production. Along with providing a variety of applications, Fluor uses cost-effective, readily available materials to meet Clients' needs.

Visit the Econamine FG Plus website for more information.