Delayed Coking Initiative

Delayed Coking Initiative


Fluor understands the crude oil market and has developed differentials for delayed coking, fluid coking, and flexicoking to meet clients' market demands. Fluor's Delayed Coking Initiative focuses on the standardization to the maximum extent on drum metallurgy, drum diameters, and drum thickness with a focus on the following key areas:

  • Licensors
  • Fluor's detailed design engineering
  • Clad plate manufacturers (plate sizes and thicknesses)
  • Coke drum fabricators

Client Benefits

Processing heavy crudes draws significant economic benefits from delayed coking when heavy/light crude price differentials are high. Fluor understands clients' market demands and can adjust design accordingly to facilitate supply chain efficiency, boosting cost and schedule certainty and outcome.

Fluor experts are acutely aware of the importance of the efficient delivery of coke drum deliveries to site, and one of the primary objectives in Fluor's Delayed Coking Initiative is to supply coke drums with significantly shorter deliveries so clients can start up units in shorter time spans.