CMSi effectively manages subcontracts and proactively manages risk, making certain the entire project team has immediate global access to reliable and timely information on the overall status of each subcontract. Recognizing the vital role effective contract management plays in successful project execution, Fluor has developed the fully integrated, centrally located, CMSi. All the information required to manage subcontracts from pre-award through closeout is contained in one computer system.

Client Benefits

CMSi produces a wide array of reports that can be used by all levels of the project team to manage the sub- contracting process and it provides a valuable means of global real time communication among multiple disciplines; including project controls, finance, accounting, project management, engineering, construction, and clients.

In addition to the benefits that CMSi provides a project after subcontract award, its global database makes an unprecedented level of historical subcontracts data available to Fluor projects. This system, which provides quick access to contractor bids, performance and claim histories from around the world, has proven to be an invaluable negotiating and leveraging tool. The end result is better contract management from project commencement through completion and closeout, which means savings for clients.