Baseline Centric℠

Baseline Centric℠


Fluor's Baseline Centric execution focuses on client satisfaction. Fluor uses the Baseline Centric strategy to align our expertise with the clients' objectives regarding project function, scope, cost, schedule, contracts, and execution. The collaborative nature between front-end engineering and design and project construction controls the development cycle, and a solid baseline is a firm foundation from which to build.

Client Benefits

One of the most important business needs of Fluor’s clients is certainty of results. Fluor's clients make commitments in their businesses that the capital facilities they invest in will produce the amount of product they specify, that the facility will have a defined cost to build and maintain and that the facility will be ready to begin production within a defined time frame.

Certainty of results is a critical differentiator in a highly competitive marketplace. Fluor’s ability to provide this certainty is paramount to our growth and our ability to handle complex projects around the world. This leads to one of Fluor’s objectives in meeting its clients' business needs by being their benchmark for dependability.

Baseline Centric execution defines Fluor's commitment to meet those expectations. Baseline Centric is a key part of Fluor’s Excellence in Execution principles. The ability to bring certainty to function, cost and schedule is a critical differentiator for Fluor.