EPIC3 Front End Design Execution Platform

EPIC3 Front End Design Execution Platform


EPIC3 is Fluor's reimagined front-end design work process, drawing on over 30 years of successful design experience. It gets its name from its novel combination of engineering, planning, innovation, and from the increased certainty delivered in the 3 areas of function, cost, and schedule.

During the flexible process, clients choose one or more out of seven fully customizable applications:

  1. Launch: analysis of project goals, a preliminary facilities program, and layout developed with a rough order of magnitude estimate
  2. Project Profile: definition of all aspects of the project to serve as a basis for the following engineering phases
  3. Feasibility: outline of all project components
  4. Conceptual Design: project definition including engineering, budget, and schedule deliverables
  5. Asset Optimization: documentation of existing conditions, desired state of production, and implementation strategy to achieve results
  6. Master Planning: site or facility development roadmap and vision
  7. Process Simulation: advanced process modeling of discrete process steps, complete manufacturing plants and/or corporate networks

Fluor subject matter experts work directly with client project management, engineering, and operations representatives to implement the selected applications in a robust, collaborative manner. First, Fluor analyzes documents made available during a "pre-work" stage and selects appropriate reference information from Fluor's project database to support the effort. Then, Fluor leads workshops at various points during the work process, often at the client site. The process is supported by more than 30 core tools and deliverables created especially for each project

Client Benefits

EPIC3 provides early definition of a project's function, cost, and schedule to a level of accuracy suitable to satisfy client goals. Each of the seven applications is customized to meet client budgetary needs, schedule drivers and definition objectives. The Launch, Project Profile, and Feasibility applications enhance strategic and business-level planning. The Asset Optimization, Master Planning, and Process Simulation applications are implemented either independently or along with any of the other programs.

The EPIC3 platform channels Fluor's experience and creativity to give clients an economical and reliable picture of the project early in the planning process. This delivers success with predictable costs, schedules, and outcomes.