Economic Optimization

Economic Optimization


Fluor's in-house tools can be used to select the optimum life-cycle cost based pipeline system configuration early on in a project phase that can be taken forward to design development. These tools include:

  • GASOP - gas pipeline optimization tool
  • LIQUP - liquid pipeline optimization tool

Both tools utilize an in-house cost database for pipeline, pump / compressor station, fuel costs, labor costs, and inspection frequencies to develop capital and operating expenses for a calculated range of pipe diameters and in-line stations.

Client Benefits

Fluor can provide economic driven life-cycle cost solutions to meet Client requirements. In-house cost database and tools, such as LIQOP / GASOP, Vline and GIS can be used to develop optimized gathering system and export pipeline configurations that minimize gathering system lengths and develop the right balance between pipe diameter and in-line rotating equipment.