Dynamic Analysis for Foundations and Structures

Dynamic Analysis for Foundations and Structures


The power industry uses a large amount of vibrating equipment, located in multiple geographical areas with differing soil conditions and seismic activity. On some projects, large compressors or turbines are installed within module structures, making the dynamic and seismic design complex and challenging.

Fluor has extensive experience in, and has developed software for, soil-pile-structure interaction, which has been applied to numerous projects in the field. Dynamic analysis of shallow and deep foundations also has potential applications in nuclear engineering.

Fluor's experts in dynamic analysis for foundations and structures have been recognized in the industry for their comprehensive understanding and the innovative solutions they have delivered to clients.

Client Benefits

Fluor provides dynamic and seismic designs for clients to reduce the damage due to machine vibrations or earthquakes and to save costs. These designs focus on the following solutions:

  • Module structure installed with vibrating equipment
  • Response spectrum analysis
  • Dynamic analysis for soil-pile-structure interaction
  • Seismic design for tall buildings and industrial structures