D'GAASS® - Liquid Sulfur Degassing Modular Units

D'GAASS® - Fluor Liquid Sulfur Degassing Modular Units


D'GAASS liquid sulfur degassing process equipment is available in modular form, simplifying unit installation in the field, reducing capital cost and shortening project duration. This service can be provided through the full design and oversight of the unit fabrication on the Client's behalf or by selling the modular unit as a single equipment item.

The module contains the major D'GAASS unit controls, the contactor vessel, heat exchanger, all interconnecting piping routed to the edge of the module, process instrumentation and controls, and electrical conduit routed to junction boxes at the edge of the module.

Fluor's design team is experienced in modular design, has expertise in the unique requirements of D’GAASS units, and will tailor services to your specific needs.

Client Benefits

The benefits of D’GAASS process equipment in modular units include:

  • Simplified field installation, shortened project execution schedule, reduced installation cost and field work
  • Minimized production downtime
  • Off-site construction of modules
  • Reduced capital cost