Gasification, Pyrolysis, Syngas Processing and Direct Coal Liquefaction


In recent years, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Syngas Processing and Direct Coal Liquefaction have been key technologies for converting biomass to renewable products such as fuels, alcohols and biochemicals. Fluor has carefully developed specific knowledge and expertise in the field:

  • Gasification is a process to convert low value carbonaceous materials by partial oxidation to a syngas containing predominantly carbon monoxide and hydrogen.
  • Pyrolysis is a variation of gasification but uses no oxygen in the thermal decomposition of the feedstock.
  • Syngas can be burned directly as a fuel or used as a feedstock to produce methanol and hydrogen, or it can be converted via the Fischer-Tropsch process into synthetic liquid fuel.
  • In direct coal liquefaction part of the coal is dissolved under high temperature and hydrogen partial pressure to produce synthetic crude oil or further hydrocracked to finished gasoline and diesel products.

Client Benefits

Fluor has been at the forefront of the gasification industry for nearly 40 years and has developed a comprehensive experience base. Benefits of working with Fluor's gasification group include our wealth of experience with holistic integration with fuels, power and chemical complexes. Fluor can help clients find an optimum process configuration for a profitable project through the careful selection of cost-effective feed stocks, processes and products.