Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control


Advanced Process Control (APC) is a technology that operates above the basic process control system and effectively maximizes profitability from process plants. By utilizing a model based approach, it automates key performance drivers and pushes the plant safely and smoothly to its most profitable constraint.

Fluor is very familiar with third party proven advanced process control technology and its benefits to the industry. Fluor offers these advanced control concepts in the design of a process plant by utilizing a multidisciplinary team, such that equipment, instruments, and control systems are cost effectively specified to maximize profitability from process plant operation.

Fluor’s design leverages key calculation and predictions into online modeling, which can be used for process control and performance monitoring. Fluor’s unbiased position brings the best software and tools cost effectively and seamlessly to meet the client’s need.

Client Benefits

Advanced controls are a proven cost effective solution for process plants. Although advanced controls are often planned after plant start-up, once detail plant operating performance parameters are available, Fluor’s clients benefit from planning the approach to advanced controls in the project design phase. Even if the APC software is not installed until after successful start-up and initial operation, it is important to anticipate the hardware necessary for its implementation and include it in the basic design. This approach can result in a lower life-cycle cost, smoother start-up and capture immediate benefits after startup. Key benefits of this approach include:

  1. Lay out a master plan infrastructure for the control and information system that would support current and future automation quickly, seamlessly and effortlessly.
  2. Ensure that equipment and instrumentation are properly designed and specified to enable operating the plant in the most profitable manner.
  3. Models generated during the design can be leveraged for inferential property prediction and control of key variables.
  4. First principal simulation used during design can have added value in developing training simulator and checkout of the control system during acceptance testing and pre-commissioning.
  5. Provide an unbiased, industry-proven advanced control solution to the client.