Advanced Bulk Material Handling Systems

Advanced Bulk Material Handling Systems


Fluor designs and supplies custom advanced bulk material handling systems for the mining industry and other key markets. These systems enable seamless, efficient production processes and include:

  • Plant conveyors and systems
  • In-pit crushing and conveying
  • Overland conveyors
  • Storage and reclaim systems
  • Crushing and screening plants
  • Ship loading and unloading
  • Ancillary equipment and systems

Some of the industries using Fluor's systems are:

Fluor brings an agile, responsive approach to the design and supply of material handling systems. The technical depth of Fluor’s experts enables them to find innovative, high-quality solutions to large, complex problems. These teams of specialists can draw on Fluor’s vast global resources, from strategic sourcing, procuring customized materials quickly and cost effectively, to modular design and offsite pre-assembly, enabling projects in remote locations.

Client Benefits

Today's challenges make advanced bulk material handling systems ever more important. Mining operations, faced with declining ore grades, need to process more ore for the same output. Organizations across industries seek to reduce fossil fuel consumption and minimize environmental impact. Conveying solutions can reduce carbon emissions, not only for long-haul overland convoys, but also for in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) solutions.

Maximizing the benefits of the latest bulk material handling systems requires experience and expertise. Overland conveyors are stretching to increasingly long distances, with complex horizontal and vertical curves. Plant conveyors require numerous critical interfaces with other systems and demand close attention to safe constructability.

The breadth and depth of Fluor's material handling experience allow clients to select from multiple strategies for implementing material handling projects. Fluor can undertake complete detail design of bulk material handling systems, including detail design of conveyors. This provides clients with the opportunity to optimize both cost and schedule without dependence on equipment vendors.

Alternatively, Fluor can develop conceptual and basic engineering designs for detail design and supply by equipment suppliers.

Using both in-house and third-party commercially available technology, Fluor’s innovative solutions are designed to meet each client's specific challenges.

Fluor offers custom designs and solutions through its bulk material handling subsidiary, Virta.

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