Acid Gas Enrichment Technology

Acid Gas Enrichment Technology


While dealing with lean acid gases with undesired contaminants such as ammonia, BTEX, and cyanides, Fluor's patented acid gas enrichment processes significantly reduce the energy consumption and equipment count while enhancing the sulfur removal efficiency when compared to conventional processes. More importantly, these technologies effectively produce an ultra lean amine to meet the most stringent environmental requirements while simultaneously achieving the necessary enrichment to maintain a stable flame in the sulfur plant reaction furnace for complete destruction of contaminants. The integrated processes can be used to cost effectively integrate acid gas removal, acid gas enrichment, and Claus tail gas treating processes to achieve an overall sulfur recovery up to 99.99 percent. The process rejects CO2 and BTEX while absorbing H2S with enhanced solvent regeneration via the patented Double Absorption Process (DAP) and Selective Treating Regeneration Enhancement Process (STREP). The configurations are suitable for processing lean acid gases with H2S concentration below 10% and can result in about 25 percent energy savings with less equipment requirements.

Client Benefits

These processes and configurations increase the H2S content of lean acid gas streams and enhance solvent regeneration over conventional designs to provide cost effective solutions to meet the more stringent environmental regulations. Advantages to Fluor's Acid Gas Enrichment Technologies include:

  • Reduced reaction furnace air requirement
  • Stable operation in the reaction furnace
  • Increase sulfur plant throughput
  • Achieve higher temperature in the reaction furnace to ensure contaminant destruction
  • Provides as much as 30% energy savings
  • Reduced equipment count
  • High over sulfur recovery of up to 99.99%