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Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance Solutions for Clients in the Energy & Chemicals Industries in the UK and Globally

Fluor executes both large and complex EPC projects and performs feasibility studies and small cap revamp projects for Clients in the energy and chemical industries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and around the world. The company provides a full range of integrated services to Clients in the upstream, downstream and chemicals markets.

Fluor’s experience includes consulting and design-build of new facilities in each energy and chemicals market sector; as well as retrofit and plant-betterment services. Fluor has specialised expertise in the following energy and chemicals markets:

Fluor’s cross-industry approach to the biofuel industry provides Clients with innovative, flexible and cost-effective approaches to the biofuel, bioethanol, biobutanol, biojet, biodiesel and biomass projects. Fluor Limited provides Clients with regional capabilities critical for successful project execution.

Carbon Capture
Fluor has a strong portfolio of patented technologies to engineer the carbon capture and removal processes to help Clients reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Fluor executes fast-track, cost-driven chemicals and petrochemicals projects in the UK and around the world, providing diversified solutions to meet Clients’ needs.

Gas Processing and Gas Treating
Fluor is a leader in gas processing and gas treating technologies, with experience spanning several challenging projects around the world.

Gasification, Gas to Liquids/Chemicals, & IGCC
From business evaluations to complete EPC to commissioning and operations and maintenance, Fluor provides grassroots and brownfield execution solutions to projects in Gasification, Gas to Liquids/Chemicals, & IGCC.

Heavy Oil Upgrading and Oil Sands
Fluor has played a major role in heavy upgrading and oil sands extraction projects over several decades.

Hydrocarbon Transportation – Pipelines
With more than 55 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Fluor provides solutions to unique challenges for onshore and subsea pipeline projects in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Fluor has developed and commercialised solutions for complex LNG projects around the globe.

Onshore Oil and Gas Production
Fluor understands the success factors that drive the oil and gas production business, providing practical solutions to maximize investments of large, complex onshore oil and gas projects.

Offshore Oil and Gas Production
Fluor Offshore Solutions provides integrated solutions from marine design to construction for global offshore projects in remote and challenging locations.

Petroleum Refining
Fluor executes a wide range of design and construction projects for Clients in the petroleum-refining industry, from single-unit revamps to multi-billion-dollar grassroots complexes. Fluor’s office in the UK is a major execution centre with experience in a wide range of refining projects across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Fluor is a global leader in the growing polysilicon industry, executing projects throughout the world.

Sulfur Recovery
Fluor’s extensive experience with Sulfur Recovery includes Claus-type treating, tail gas treating units and single train capacities.

Utilities & Offsites
From design to installation, Fluor understands the critical importance of Utilities & Offsites in successful plant startups.

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