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Employees in Fluor’s Abu Dhabi office.
Employees in Fluor’s Abu Dhabi office.
Fluor employees on project site in Thailand.
Fluor employees on project site in Thailand.
Fluor engineers honored at Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) Conference.
Fluor engineers honored at Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) Conference.

To achieve Fluor’s vision and remain competitive in the global marketplace, the company strives to optimize diversity and inclusion in every aspect of business, which benefits its stakeholders.

Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
Fluor works to sustain a culture where all individuals are valued. Fluor's dedication to maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment helps attract, develop, and retain the most talented people. With a workforce of 44,000 men and women, Fluor continues to expand across continents and cultures, leveraging the unique perspectives of each individual. Employees are educated about the importance of embracing diversity and practicing inclusive behavior from their first day with the company throughout their entire career. Through Fluor's comprehensive employment programs and practices that support both representation and inclusion, employees have opportunities to realize their full potential while meeting the company's business objectives.

Clients and Clients' Projects
With experience in many industries and various locations ranging from the most remote sites to urban industrial centers, Fluor knows its commitment to diversity and inclusion adds value to Clients and business partners. Each region of the world has unique project opportunities within distinct cultural contexts. Because Fluor's employees represent many different backgrounds, worldviews, and types of expertise, Fluor is better able to understand local markets, offer local content, and effectively develop relationships with Clients in their respective communities. Fluor's diverse workforce consistently provides innovative, world-class solutions that support and improve upon Clients' long-term business success.

Suppliers and Fluor's Supplier and Contractor Registry
Fluor recognizes that diversity and inclusion play a vital role in the execution of day-to-day operations. Just as Fluor believes in the importance of maintaining a diverse workforce, Fluor also understands the value of forming partnerships with qualified suppliers, small and large, that represent all segments of the business community. Fluor's Supplier Diversity Program embodies a long-held commitment to providing opportunities for a broad range of supplier resources. Access Fluor's Supplier and Contractor Registry for more information.

Fluor actively participates in extensive outreach and development activities to address community needs and provide educational opportunities around the world. For example, Fluor invests time and money in students who are interested in the engineering profession by establishing relationships with selected universities, awarding grants, sponsoring scholarships, and supporting programs with technical organizations. Some of these include Catalyst, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

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