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Sustainability Report

Sustainability at Fluor means meeting the needs of our Clients while conducting business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of future generations. Our practices create fundamental value for Fluor and all of our stakeholders, Clients and their customers, employees, investors, suppliers, contractors, and the communities in which we operate.

Clients rely on Fluor to help address sustainability challenges and issues, including the need to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and design and build more environmentally friendly, less costly manufacturing facilities. Our Clients expect ethical conduct; high levels of employee knowledge and expertise; excellence in health, safety, and environmental matters; and a proactive approach to community involvement. Fluor's 2013 Sustainability Report "Beyond the Blueprint" highlights our approach to achieving these goals.

The 2013 Report
Fluor's 2013 report "Beyond the Blueprint" emphasizes the importance of growing sustainably into the future and realizing the possibilities of global economic growth and development.
Ethics & Compliance
Fluor’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is the centerpiece of the company’s commitment to conducting its global business legally and with high standards of integrity.
Fluor’s dedication to sound corporate governance begins with strong Board leadership and an independent and fully informed Board of Directors.
Employees & Workplace
Developing people is a central component of our talent management strategy. We offer an array of learning opportunities for employees across the organization.
Health, Safety & Environment
At Fluor, we believe it is our responsibility to balance the needs of global development with the well-being of our employees, clients, subcontractors, communities and the environment.
Community & Social Service
Fluor is dedicated to building strong and sustainable regions through our community engagement, employee volunteerism and philanthropic initiatives.
Sustainability Report - 2013
Fluor’s 2013 Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report - 2012
Fluor’s 2012 Sustainability Report