Mobile Equipment and Tool Solutions, including Site Services, Fleet Services and Equipment Distribution


AMECO is a full-service, global supplier of vehicles, construction equipment, tools, support services and asset management solutions across multiple industries and government agencies. AMECO serves multiple industry sectors, including heave industrial, energy and chemicals, power, mining and metals, manufacturing, construction and government. With nearly 70 years of industry experience, by bringing together the right combination of people, practices and assets, AMECO offers extraordinary expertise in sourcing, procuring, delivering, managing and maintaining vehicles, construction equipment, tools, supplies and consumables.

To better serve global Clients, AMECO is organized into three business categories.

Construction Site Services provides management and provision of all equipment, tools and services at construction sites to help capital construction projects to increase productivity, reduce costs and duplication, standardize equipment and tools and finish on time and under budget.

Operations Support Services reduces overall operating costs and improves the efficiency of mobile equipment and fleet operations, allowing Clients to redirect key financial resources and personnel to their core businesses.

Equipment Rental and Sales provides a one-stop solution for your equipment needs. AMECO sells new and used equipment, aftermarket services and equipment rentals from major construction equipment manufacturers in the Americas and Africa.


Delivering services across Europe, EQIN specializes in the rental, sales and maintenance of industrial welding, air, lighting and power generation equipment. EQIN also supplies all consumables and accessories.

All products and services by EQIN meet the strictest environmental and safety requirements currently in force.

EQIN training provides courses ranging from basic technical welding to post-graduate Laspraktijk Ingenieur (LPI) / International Welding Engineer (IWE) programs. EQIN has created a distinct reputation as a one-stop supplier in the industrial sector.