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Gas Turbine Power Plant Design & Construction

For the past 20 years, Fluor has been an industry leader in the gas-fueled market. Our worldwide experience includes the installation of nearly 50,000 MW of gas-fueled capacity in the last 15 years. This represents more than 60 power plants in operation today in the United States. Simultaneously, we were also building plants outside the United States, in countries including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Fluor’s experience with combustion turbine-based power generation encompasses plants in a variety of configurations including:

  • Cogeneration/CHP
  • Combined Cycle
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
  • Simple Cycle

Fluor’s pre-engineered gas turbine reference power plants include:

  • 1x1 CCGT (250 MW and 300 MW)
  • 2x1 CCGT (500 MW and 600 MW)
  • 3x1 CCGT (900 MW)
  • 4x2 CCGT (1000 MW and 1200 MW)

With more than 300 installed units at 160 plants worldwide, Fluor has solid relationships and works with all major gas and steam turbine generator (STG) and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) manufacturers.

Clients trust Fluor to deliver services to optimize their assets, improve their competitive position and increase their long-term business success.

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