Fluor Has Provided Engineering and Construction Services to Clients in the Metals Industry for More Than 70 Years

Fluor has a long history of providing engineering and construction solutions for metals production facilities. Active involvement in the industry began in 1942 when Fluor built the Reynolds Metals Lister Hill smelter in Alabama in a record 179 days. Since that time, Fluor has developed extensive capabilities in the areas of aluminum and steel production facilities, ranging from smelters to rolling mills.

Fluor continues to develop innovative solutions to Clients in the metals industry. We perform techno-economic studies for numerous Clients around the globe, most recently for a smelter in St. Petersburg Russia and a smelter in Queensland, Australia. These studies were evaluating VAMI reduction technology. Fluor has been active in the modernization of smelters, particularly in the United States, where Clients are upgrading facilities to increase production and reduce costs. Fluor has extensive metals expertise in refining, smelting, recycling, rolled products, automotive sheeting, forging, extrusions and engineered products.

Fluor develops innovative solutions to Clients in the metals industry.

Fluor has engineering and construction expertise in the following metals segments:

  • Alumina - Fluor has extensive global experience in designing and building alumina refineries. Fluor is technology neutral, allowing us to work and partner effectively with the provider that has the most efficient solution for the desired process. We deliver value to our Clients through our life-cycle design capability with consideration of both capital and operating costs. Fluor's reputation of delivering well executed construction projects within baseline expectations is one of Fluor's trademarks.

  • Aluminum - Fluor's aluminum experience covers the full vertical value chain from smelting to downstream processes. Fluor has successfully completed front-end engineering and design (FEED), project management consulting (PMC) and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects in global locations such as Saudi Arabia and Australia, as well as in North America. We are the industry leader in delivering automotive sheet facilities as well as other engineered product manufacturing facilities.

  • Copper - Fluor has world-class process expertise in copper smelting and manufacturing with successful project experience for FEED, PMC and EPC in South America, North America and the Far East. Fluor's depth of knowledge brings value to the company's copper Clients through design of efficient processes that are safely operable and maintainable for maximum life-cycle value.

  • Phosphate - Fluor has recent experience in FEED and PMC activity for development of state-of-the-art phosphate production facilities. Fluor's diversified industrial experience is perfectly suited to the integration challenges of phosphate production with bulk solids handling, chemical processing, finishing and packaging capabilities. Fluor's core competency in each of these areas is perfectly combined to deliver world-class solutions with optimal life-cycle value.

  • Potash - Fluor expertise resides in our Mining & Metals minerals processing team that has extensive experience in developing feasibility study requirements bringing certainty to function, cost and schedule for Client projects. In tackling potash projects, Fluor draws on all of the company's global resources, i.e. experts in process engineering, material handling, facility design, constructability, operations and maintenance and performance technology, to deliver superior results to Fluor Clients in the fertilizer sector. The Fluor team brings experience from major potash projects around the globe and is comprised of experts in all aspects of potash production, from materials handling to crystallization. Recent potash projects undertaken by the group include engineering studies in Saskatchewan and design reviews in the United Kingdom and United States.

  • Steel - Fluor's steel making experience covers the full, vertical value chain from reduction to fabrication. Fluor's capability in this market draws on years of experience in design, construction, and operation of furnaces, casters, strip mills and other steel shape manufacture. Fluor's life-cycle design capability with consideration of both capital and operating costs is unmatched.

  • Titanium - Fluor's diversified industrial experience is perfectly suited to the integration challenges of titanium dioxide or titanium metal production facilities. The combination of chemical process, manufacturing and fabrication unit operations brings together Fluor's core competency in each of these areas to deliver world class solutions with optimal life-cycle value.

  • Other Metals - The strength of Fluor's process and facility design and construction is well applied to metals production and manufacturing of all types, from large-scale steel and aluminum to smaller scale precious metals. Fluor's knowledge and experience allow the company to quickly deliver high quality FEED studies in support of Clients' critical business decisions. Fluor methods for effective project delivery with high certainty are unmatched in the industry and provide Clients with long-lasting, efficient and productive assets.