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More than 70 Years of Government Project Experience - Fluor

Fluor has provided innovative solutions and technical expertise to global government agencies and the intelligence community for more than 70 years. Fluor is trusted by our customers to accomplish a wide variety of critical missions. From providing base life support to tens of thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan to managing nuclear materials and performing decontamination, decommissioning and environmental remediation at U.S. Department of Energy and UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sites, we are proud to provide the global strength and innovative solutions on which our customers have come to rely.

Contingency Operations
Fluor provides scalable, rapid response life support services, logistics, construction, operations & maintenance and technical assistance for global military contingency operations and humanitarian and disaster assistance missions.
Environmental & Nuclear
With more than 70 years of nuclear experience, Fluor brings rigorous conduct of operations to high-hazard activities ensuring the successful delivery of mission while protecting personnel, property and the environment.
Services & Base Operations
Fluor provides comprehensive base operations support and secure services to the U.S. Government at domestic and international base locations.

Proven Delivery of Cost Savings to Our Government Customers

Fluor looks for ways to increase efficiency, introduce innovation and reduce overall costs on every project. Across all areas of government contracting, we strive to deliver the right solution with the best value to our Clients.

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