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Sustainability - Fluor in Canada

Sustainability at Fluor means meeting the needs of our Clients while conducting business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of future generations. Our practices create fundamental value for Fluor and all of our stakeholders, Clients and their customers, employees, investors, suppliers, contractors, and the communities in which we operate.

Clients rely on Fluor to help address sustainability challenges and issues, including the need to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and design and build more environmentally friendly, less costly manufacturing facilities.

Our Clients expect ethical conduct; high levels of employee knowledge and expertise; excellence in health, safety, and environmental matters; and a proactive approach to community involvement. Fluor’s 2015 report “Fluor Builds. A Sustainable World.” emphasizes the importance of taking projects from concept to completion, thus demonstrating Fluor’s range of services and capability to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions anywhere in the world.

Fluor Canada implements sustainable practices on its projects and office locations throughout Canada. The Windsor-Essex Parkway project in Ontario received the 2012 ASCE Sustainable Civil Engineering Award.

Fluor Canada is implementing the patented 3rd Gen Modular ExecutionSM solution on several of its projects in Canada, an approach maximizing work done in a safe, controlled fabrication facility that significantly reduces the facility footprint.

Health, Safety and Environment Excellence

In 1994, Fluor made a bold commitment to safety excellence and established a new industry standard for safety around the world. Nearly two decades later, Fluor continues to be committed to providing a safe working environment for employees and subcontractors. Fluor’s ZERO IncidentsSM Program is a benchmark for safety in the provision of engineering, construction and maintenance services. The ZERO Incidents Program reinforces Fluor’s commitment to safety as the company’s foremost value, incorporates Fluor’s commitment to health and environmental protection and provides the highest level of challenge, achievement and recognition for Fluor projects executed around the world.

See Fluor’s Sustainability Report to learn more about Fluor’s sustainability efforts.