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Fluor Serves the Infrastructure Markets in Australia.

Fluor is a leader in providing innovative EPC solutions to Clients in the Infrastructure sectors in Asia Pacific and globally.

Fluor possesses core competencies in design management, design-build and construction supported by work processes and leading-edge tools specific to the infrastructure industry. Fluor has the capacity to take full responsibility for project execution from planning through construction to operations. The company places particular emphasis on bringing innovative approaches to project delivery and on identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing project risks.

Fluor provides comprehensive services to Clients in the following infrastructure markets:

Fluor provides programme management services for various aviation facilities, including landside and airside facilities.

Fluor has extensive experience in the delivery of new and replacement bridge projects.

Commercial & Institutional
Fluor provides construction management and programme management services for mixed-use developments, research and development laboratories, health-care facilities and vertical construction (buildings) projects.

Offshore Wind Farms
Fluor is a global leader in developing, designing and building offshore wind farm projects to generate renewable energy.

Ports and Marine Terminals
Fluor has experience in the design and construction of port and marine terminals for Clients in diverse industries around the world.

Public-Private Partnerships
Fluor is a pioneer in developing public-private partnerships with government agencies to design and build critical infrastructure transportation projects around the world.

Rail and Transit
Fluor offers Clients experience designing, building, operating and maintaining rail and transit projects.

Fluor provides programme management, engineering and network-deployment services to the global communications marketplace, including wireline and wireless systems, critical facilities and public safety facilities.

Toll Roads and Highways
Fluor offers design-build and programme management solutions on major toll road and highway transportation projects.

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