Fluor World-Class Sulfur Technologies 
Fluor World-Class Sulfur Technologies
Fluor's Sulfur Technologies utilize proprietary Fluor processes and cost-effective design balanced with high on-stream performance to meet Client's needs and environmental regulations. Fluor's Sulfur portfolio includes Modified Claus recovery units, low- and medium-level oxygen enrichment, ammonia destruction, BTX destruction, Claus Tail Gas Treating, both in-pit and out-of-pit Liquid Sulfur Degassing, and the Fluor SOx Clean-up Process that removes Sulfur species from the waste gas.
Client Benefits
Fluor's leadership in Sulfur Technologies benefits Clients through the facilitation of quick and realistic cost estimates and an in-house cost data bank, the expert execution and innovative engineering of Sulfur plants, one stop shopping that compliments Fluor's oil and gas industry expertise, and time efficient PDP packages within short, 6 or 10 weeks, schedules while completing parallel front-end engineering and design (FEED) work.